Art Show Announcement & Newsletter Launch!

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ORIGINAL PAINTINGS at DRYGOODS DESIGN 301 Occidental Ave South Seattle, WA
DECEMBER 3,2015 ~ JANUARY 31, 2016
Join us for First Thursday Art Walk~December 3, 6:00-8:30pm

Dear Friends,
Last summer a fabulous artist friend of mine, Anna Redmond, suggested we each make some large scale work and try to find a space to show the work side by side. We thought it would be fun to work as individuals and pair up whatever art we came up with. We chose a loose theme of florals and started working...and voilà! I am excited to present our work side by side in the beautiful shop, Drygoods Design for the months of December & January!

Anna Redmond's mixed media paintings are exciting multi-layered compositions with unique color pallets. She uses pattern in the best ways, mixing ideas and shapes to create unexpected, enlivened compositions. You can follow Anna on Instagram@ANNAREDMONDSTUDIO

My own paintings are all watercolor and ink. For these paintings I mostly explored repeating certain brush strokes many times to create specific shapes which then amassed into the larger compositions. I also experimented with layering drawing on top of the painted shapes and surfaces. You can see some of my process on Instagram @ANNAMARIEFARMER

I hope to offer the paintings I made for this show as prints very soon! Here are a few more pictures of the show installation:

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